Reflection on life

The start of islamic calendar got me thinking on the reflection of life so far. There is one meaning from the doa that I recited during this new year that I love so much.

Ya Allah, please forgive all my sins in the past year that I have yet to seek for forgiveness.

As human being, we forget. We forget about people, we forget things that happen that give insignificant meaning in our life. Because of that, we forget to seek for forgiveness. We found that is a common thing we do, so we forget.

I am one of that too and this doa truly remind me that we should seek forgiveness always. If we can start as once a month, start with that. Eventually, we will improve ourselves. But something worth to ponder, how are we going to seek forgiveness from people around us?

Lots of love


Holding on to hope.


I supposed to be studying for my exam tomorrow but here I am writing on a blogpost. Haha. I just want to pen down my gratitude today. I am happy and blessed beyond word for everything that I had in life. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit meh. I miss interacting with people though I am not that good pun. Haha. I feel sad because I miss it.

Some people will leave you and I think I had fought hard to stay. So now, I will try my best to move on. It’s funny how today we talk about our dream and tomorrow we no longer talking. Life sure have a funny way of playing with you.

Love this



2021 : August & it’s new beginning

Hi hi hi

Been so long since I last wrote here. Life has been a whole new adventures and keeping up with everything is hectic. So here I am, 5 years later trying to keep all the memories here before I started to forget them.

These days I’ve been living with a mantra of one things at a time. Online classes is something that I wish I can skip but then I also want a highest GPA this semester so skipping class is not an option right. Hehe Ahh, I don’t know where my writing or rant will go about but I just want to write today. Hoping that I can improve my english as well as keeping this as my virtual memory.

Lots of love,


2016 recap

Hello there!

2016 hold different meanings in my life. From self improvement, family and friends, work and travels, collectively making a changes that whether I like it or not, it has to happen. 

There is time that I questioned my decision, moments that I wish I can turn back time, and many more. Based on instagram, my best nine was mostly my travel picture to Boracay, my bestfriend weddings and my proud moments at work. Life is good at times. 

2016 has been an exhilarating sweet and memorable most of the time, and I can’t wait to embark 2017 with a new journey. Bismillahirahmanirahim, here we go 2017! 



2016 : solo adventure

It was a peak time at work. External audit just ended and customer audit is coming up in a few week. The stress level is high causing an itchy hand to book a flight to Boracay without hesitation. And the rest is history!

The feeling is so surreal that I have to pen it down so I will not forget the feeling, the adrenaline rush and the warm welcome of the island. 

Philippines is divided into four division includes Mindanao, Visayas, Palawan and Luzon. The capital city of Philippines which is Manila is located in Luzon. Meanwhile Boracay is located in Visayas division. 

Is it save to travel alone? 

Boracay is packed with people. Korean is among the highest number of tourist in Boracay. You can see Korean at almost every corner of the island. So if you asked is it save, the answer is yes! All of the people is so friendly that I feel like I have known them for ages. Go visit Boracay! You will suprise to see what it has to offer. 




wanderlust; strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

I have been dying to travel since forever. I guess I got this from my late father as my late father love to travel and shopping. (ikr..) haha. So to be able to experienced it first hand is the most exciting part ever.

After three exciting and wonderful day in Jeju-do, we then headed to Seoul. The capital city of the country. From peaceful countryside to hustle bustle of the city. Seoul is so busy I can’t even imagine staying here. Like KL you know. Everyone rushing to get something done quickly and early. It’s good but sometimes it becomes too crowded. You don’t even notice the beauty it has to offer.

Gyeongbukgong Palace
Gyeongbukgong Palace

Gyeongbukgong Palace is located in the middle of the capital city, Seoul. It is incredibly huge and every single area is beautiful. If only it was full bloom. The architecture is pretty as it was not my forte, but I love their hanok style. Traditional but still excellently preserved.

Another side of Gyeongbukgong Palace
Another side of Gyeongbukgong Palace

Unfortunately, on my visit that day, it was raining. I have to come back to explore this palace. It was beautiful and it was such a waste to not exploring it. If you happen to be there, go check it out.


Najwa Shariff

Exactly a month ago!

Exactly a month ago, I was at the most beautiful island I have ever been. I love the peacefulness this island had to offer. Everyone is so calm compared to the hustle bustle Seoul. Though it is three times larger than Seoul, peoples here are less packed and not rushing at all.

Natural cave that happen due to volcanic flow.
Natural cave that happen due to volcanic flow.

Manjanggul Lava Cave just made me awe with its beauty and natural formation. With 1km length, you can see the different shape of this cave that occurred due to volcanic flow. You got a high ceiling, lowered ceiling, wide pavement and all. If you happen to be in Jeju, give this place a try. You will definitely love it.

Besides, just opposite of this attraction, you can give it a try at the maze garden. We were the loser unfortunately, because we stranded inside the maze for a good photography session and experiencing getting lost. hehe.

Maze garden loser.
Maze garden loser.

Till next time.



Jeju-do ; Mother Nature at it best

Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchubong Peak
Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchubong

It was a beautiful morning. Start up with a little bit of sweat as we hike the sunrise peak. So cold and windy. I love everything about that morning. And  I pray Allah grant me a chance to waking up to this view again in the future. I really don’t mind!

The hike was worth it. At times I will stop to catch up my breath and look around to inhale this beautiful view and surrounding. We were a bit late to catch a very beautiful sunrise, but I am grateful with what we managed to watch. Seongsan sunrise peak is formed by hydro volcanic eruptions that occurs decades ago. You must try to hike this when you are in Jeju.

On the way to the Peak
On the way to the Peak

Breathtakingly beautiful!



My first travel adventures : South Korea

Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before- Dalai Lama

Last year, I stumbled upon a promotion on instagram about travelling to Jeju and Seoul with only RM 90 as a booking fee. Scored! It was a reckless three second decision and last week, we conquered Korea! It was my first spring experience, my first overseas trip ( InsyaAllah many to come ) and hold a special meaning in my travel experiences.

The beautiful mesmerizing Gimyeong Beach.
The beautiful mesmerizing Gimyeong Beach.

Our adventures start as early as 1 am as our flight to Incheon International Airport is scheduled to depart at this hour. Safely arrived at 8 am and our flight to Jeju is scheduled to depart at 12.30 pm Korea time. Had our first taste of banana uyu, the famous Korean beverages. After all the travel, we were finally arrived at this beautiful beach. This beach has been my desktop wallpaper for months. It feels so surreal to be there! I am beyond grateful for this, Alhamdulillah!

Jeju-do is beyond amazing. Mother nature at it’s best I must say. It was a volcanic island with a lot to explore. Crystal clear water in different shape, wind blows through the ocean, picture squared location, it was beyond belief. My three days there is certainly not enough and I long to go again, InsyaAllah. I am blown away by the culture, the peaceful city and obviously their fresh food. Writing this really bring back memory while being there.

Will continue again later.



Starting at Bazar

Last weekend I got a chance to tag along my friend to sell at a bazaar. This bazaar is organised by a group of student from KPTM Alor Star. Bazaar can be considered as a platform for an on-line basis shop to promote their stuff offline.

I was looking for an inspiration about thing to sell, but there are a few things I notice that the competition is very high. Among are :

1. Shawl, square tudung, satin  and all kind of tudung. You name it. They have it all. If you want to start selling tudung, you should be really different from others. The only different thing survives longer.

2. Start small. I have learned that everything starts with the courage of the first step. Many people have financial problem at the start of their business, but starting small will eventually pay off. As you start, you should keep in mind that, you want to learn. We are still young,thus it’s okay to fail first at the young age.

3. Be bold and be different. From what I saw, everyone is pretty much selling the same thing. Very few selling something different. I know that customer demand is high for certain thing, but I really think that we should start selling something different. Create a brand not copying a big brand. Be brave enough to start a phenomena.

From the look for an inspiration, I know I have to do something different and be bold about it. It has to be something that practical and acceptable, but at the same time worth the money. And as for me, I think I have found my inspiration and how I want my brand to be. 🙂