New Beginning

As far as I remember, this is not the first time I’m writing in this blank space. I have a blog before, but it seem that it disappear with time. So here I am, trying to write another one again together with a prayer it last longer than before.

What am I trying to write here will be a general thing happen in my life which I assume worth the sharing value and time consuming. Therefore, it will be about things happen that I want to remember, an amazing life changing events, inspiring stories, fashion, food and above all, the random babbling I wish everyone heard.

The name of this space come from the idea of Malaysia famous drink, which is ‘teh tarik’ that usually consume over chit chat or ‘borak kosong’. As the avid fan of this drink, I would love to crave it somewhere close to the heart.

As February and January pass, there are so many things happening that inspired me to push myself harder. January has been the month of many first time happens in my life. As February has always been the favourite month, it is full of positive things happen and I believe I have grown so much in many ways. Thus, I am really looking forward to many more exciting adventures that going to happen in the rest of the year.