Starting at Bazar

Last weekend I got a chance to tag along my friend to sell at a bazaar. This bazaar is organised by a group of student from KPTM Alor Star. Bazaar can be considered as a platform for an on-line basis shop to promote their stuff offline.

I was looking for an inspiration about thing to sell, but there are a few things I notice that the competition is very high. Among are :

1. Shawl, square tudung, satin  and all kind of tudung. You name it. They have it all. If you want to start selling tudung, you should be really different from others. The only different thing survives longer.

2. Start small. I have learned that everything starts with the courage of the first step. Many people have financial problem at the start of their business, but starting small will eventually pay off. As you start, you should keep in mind that, you want to learn. We are still young,thus it’s okay to fail first at the young age.

3. Be bold and be different. From what I saw, everyone is pretty much selling the same thing. Very few selling something different. I know that customer demand is high for certain thing, but I really think that we should start selling something different. Create a brand not copying a big brand. Be brave enough to start a phenomena.

From the look for an inspiration, I know I have to do something different and be bold about it. It has to be something that practical and acceptable, but at the same time worth the money. And as for me, I think I have found my inspiration and how I want my brand to be. 🙂




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